Jack Russell, Shih-tzu, Boxer, Great Pyrenees in daycare.

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Houston's first trainer based doggie daycare!

Group of dogs in daycare.

Our doggie daycare is staffed by the best dog trainers in Houston. That means we not only love dogs, we understand them. Teaching and encouraging good behavior using positive methods is a priority.

Pup Scouts Outdoor Play Yards

Our new facility has three bright and sunny small dog daycare rooms in the front as well as a large dog play floor in the back and three large outdoor play yards that half shaded and half in sun.

Future clients are welcome to stop by any time but full tours of the facility are only available on Saturdays when daycare is not in session. Bringing visitors to the back generally disrupts the dogs' play when daycare is in session.

DOGGY DAYCAMP $27/day, $110/wk, $235/10 nonconsecutive days

Pit Bull and Shih-Tzu playing together. Pup Scouts Doggie Day Camp is designed with your dog's happiness and comfort in mind. Our facility is bright, airy and clean. An assortment of play areas allow us to find the perfect group for your dog- small dogs, senior dogs, energetic dogs or chill dogs.

Evaluations are free. Just call 713.468.7877 to make a reservation for your first day of daycare. Our trainers will work with your dog throughout the day to find the right playgroup.


We also offer day boarding for dogs that don't enjoy playing in groups. Several potty breaks are given during the day and extra playtime in one of play areas is available.


All dogs staying at Pup Scouts get plenty of playtime and potty opportunities but we understand that some dogs and their owners would like a little extra. Please let us know at drop off if would like to include any of the following during your dog's stay.

Play Time- One-on-one play with a trainer either in the large indoor training area or outside depending on weather. Games can include fetch, soccer, flirt pole, frisbee or just a a fun romp.

Massage- Dogs love the special attention and soothing massages from our trainers. Each massage lasts a minimum of 10 minutes.

Puzzle Toy- Puzzle Toys are filled with treats and require the dog to figure out how to get them out exercising their mind as well as their body.

Filled Kong- Given at bed time or for a mid-day crate, a kong filled with a varity of goodies is a great way for your dog to wind down. All fillings are healthy and appropriate for dogs.

Pool/Water Play- If your dog is a water dog, our trainers will spend one-on-one time with your dog in one of wading pools or with the hose keeping your dog happy and cool.

Treadmill- This short cardio work out is fun dogs and helps strengthen leg muscles. Dogs are walked for just a few minutes while working up to a maxiumum of 10. (Our treadmill is only used for light conditioning and is never used as a training device or to calm a dog down.)

Walk on the Bayou- Your dog will enjoy a 20 minute walk on the cool grass along the bayou behind Pup Scouts.

Training Practice-One of our trainers will practice the commands your dog already knows, practice loose leash walking or teach a simple new behavior like a trick. To see our full training program please visit our training page.



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